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Colourful Hair, Nail Designs, & Fancy Knitwear: Fashion and Style at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Netherland’s Kiran Badloe greets photographers during a training session for the men’s RS:X class at Enoshima Harbour during the 2020 Summer Olympics, Saturday, 24 July 2021, in Fujisawa, Japan. InternationalIndiaAfricaAs the 2020 Tokyo Olympics edge ever closer to the finish line, with the closing ceremony set for August 8th, the gathering will stay in the minds of spectators for more than just athletic achievements.Images of world-class athletes sporting memorable hair, beauty, and fashion styles have been appearing in the media as the Olympics progress in Tokyo. Some of the most colourful choices have been shared in online posts, adding a bit of spice to images of basketball, track and field, volleyball, and other athletes competing on the global stage.Stephanie Mawuli, a Japanese basketball player, featured bits of colour in her hairstyle, just like the Jamaican track and field athlete Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce.Turkish volleyball player Ebrar Karakurt sported bright pink hair tones, making it easy for her fans to pick her out in the crowd.

​Purple, green, and red hair colours were worn by US athletes Raven Saunders and Megan Rapinoe, as well as Canada’s Gabriela DeBues-Stafford.

​Kiran Badloe, who won the gold medal for the Netherlands during the Men’s RS:X Windsurfing competition, paid homage to Avatar Aang, an animated series character.

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A post shared by Kiran Badloe (@kiranbadloe)Nail art has also been in demand by Olympic athletes, with many featuring various designs, including the Olympic rings.American gymnast Sunisa Lee clinched her all-around gold medal in women’s gymnastics, while allowing the world to appreciate her nail art.

​Other nail designs seen included a hockey pictogram and national flags.

​British diver and Olympic medalist Tom Daley attracted international to knitwear when he was seen knitting while watching the women’s 3m springboard final

The dress code at the Olympic Games varies from sport to sport, but on average athletes tend to avoid clothing that takes away focus from their performance. 


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