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Pink Floyd Founder Syd Barrett’s Guitar Sold for Over $27,000

Yamaha guitarInternationalIndiaAfricaLONDON (Sputnik) — The guitar of one of the founders of the legendary British rock band Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, was sold at the Cheffins auction house in the UK for almost 20,000 pounds (about $27,000).»A Yamaha twelve string guitar, owned by Cambridge resident and founder of Pink Floyd, Roger ‘Syd’ Barrett, sold for £19,920 at the Cheffins Art & Design Sale on Thursday 28th October,» the auction house said.The initial price of the guitar has been estimated at about 5,000-10,000 pounds, over two times less than its was auctioned for. According to the musician’s nephew, Mark Barrett, who sold the guitar, the proceeds will be transferred to mental health and hospice NGOs.Barrett’s garden table and his school photo were also up for auction, according to the press release. The table was sold to the same online bidder as the guitar for over 2,000 pounds.In May, Barrett’s painting titled Orange Dahlias in a Vase was sold at the auction for 28,000 pounds.


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