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Russia reveals impact of Ukrainian attack on Black Sea Fleet HQ

At least one military service member is missing after the strike on Sevastopol, the Defense Ministry said

An online image purporting to show the aftermath of the strike. ©  Social networks

The Defense Ministry in Moscow has released new information about the Ukrainian missile strike which hit the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol on Friday.

At least one military service member is reported missing following the attack on the Crimean city, the ministry said in a statement. The Ukrainian operation involved multiple missiles, five of which were intercepted by Russian forces, it added.

The ministry acknowledged damage to the “historic building” which hosts the headquarters in central Sevastopol, but offered no further details about the incident.

Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev earlier said that the strike had caused no damage to civilian infrastructure and had not led to civilian casualties.

He reported that at least one fragment, presumably from an intercepted Ukrainian missile, had been discovered on a street near the fleet’s headquarters. Further inspection revealed that “not even windows were shattered” outside the military facility, Razvozhaev added.

Russian Black Sea Fleet HQ hit by rocket attack – governor

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky declared the expulsion of the Russian Black Sea Fleet from its home base – held for several centuries – as a priority for Kiev during a speech at the UN Security Council this week.

Ukraine launches regular drone and missile attacks on Russian warships based in Sevastopol, as well as other locations in Crimea.


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