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State of the EU address — it’s that time of year again. But what do Europeans think?

State of the EU address - it's that time of year again. But what do Europeans think?

As Ursula von der Leyen prepares her to-do list for the last year of her current mandate, Euronews correspondents took to the streets of the bloc’s capitals to see how EU citizens feel about the European project.

We asked people in Athens, Dublin, Rome, Budapest, Madrid, Berlin, and Vienna what they think the EU should focus on in the coming year.

They mentioned inflation, the war in Ukraine, climate change, disinformation, and improving public infrastructure among other ideas.

It’s ahead of von der Leyen’s State of the European Union address, a speech given each year by the president of the European Commission.

She will break down what has been done in the last year and highlight the biggest tasks of the upcoming months.

You can watch European citizens speak about their opinions on the European Union in the video player above.

Euronews will broadcast von der Leyen’s speech live on 9:00am CET on Wednesday, 13 September.

Journalist • Andreas Rogal


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